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Research and Development

Bentley Laboratories has a fully trained staff of experienced formulating chemists developing exceptional formulations with highly competitive pricing. Supporting these capabilities is an expanded range of resources. We’ve recently broadened our research strength through the establishment of strategic business relationships with a number of highly regarded formulation development labs recognized for their technologically advanced work.


From pilot projects to full-scale production runs, Bentley Laboratories’ proven, best-in-class manufacturing services are equipped to meet your every demand. We’re FDA certified, Organic certified and have been awarded an alcohol permit.

Bentley Laboratories’ manufacturing capabilities and capacities include:

  • Tube filling – 130,000 units/shift
  • Bottle & jar filling – 100,000 units/shift
  • Fragrance filling – 60,000 units/shift
  • Hot fills – 30,000 units/shift
  • Bulk production – 250,000 lbs./week


At Bentley Laboratories, our experienced purchasing department sources raw materials from all over the world. And our supply chain group sources, buys and manages components for all our turnkey operations. With expertise and resources like these you can be confident that your product will be on spec and on schedule.

Quality Assurance

We’re justifiably proud of Bentley Laboratories’ long standing commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality assurance for your formulation and your product. Our ongoing training programs and continuous improvement initiatives ensure that every product adheres to the strictest guidelines and criteria including Organic certifications and FDA approval.

Quality assurance procedures and programs at Bentley Laboratories include:

  • Over 190 company drafted SOP’s
  • Ongoing training programs in two languages conducted quarterly or as needed
  • Internal audit process utilized since 2007 assures full review and compliance of all SOP’s a minimum of 4X per year
  • Strict adherence to cGMP compliance
  • Inspection of all incoming raw materials
  • Monthly validation of equipment cleaning and sanitization process
  • Environmental monitoring executed quarterly
  • Established QC, QA and training for customer specific product quality
  • Strict adherence to formula specifications including raw materials

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