How sure are we? 100% is our favorite number.

Our quality team members are the behind the scenes all-stars who never miss a beat.

We are thorough and consistent – ensuring your product is the exact same, every time. Every product adheres to the strictest guidelines and cGMP criteria, matching any standards that are required, such as FDA OTC and Organically Certified. Quality documents and dossiers are professionally developed and meet or exceed customer expectations for data accuracy, consistency, and timeliness.

We work with all types of companies, from multi-nationals to indie brands, all of which have different distribution odels, countries of sale, and product types. With the beauty market in a near constant state of flux and change, early notification is key to managing any regulatory process. Our regulatory team leverages our long-standing network of suppliers, governing body representatives, and customers to stay on top of regulatory news and changes. Our customers have a direct line to our regulatory team, providing quick and clear responses to any issue.